Gmail has new way to attach images ~ So Awesome!

Gmail has new way to attach images ~ So Awesome!One of the things I do with email a whole lot is send images. This can be a bit troublesome but the new workflow has made this process seamless and awesome. I use an Android phone and allow my Google Apps for Business account to backup my photos to my private drive. Now I can choose from the images to add to my email.

Check it out!Just Compose A New Email in the Gmail Client. Then click the + sign near the paper clip at the bottom of the Compose window. 

Once this opens you can see the entire selection of your images and albums from Google Drive. I was even able to send my Auto Awesomes!

Complete the email and send. What a Great Feature!

Ecommerce Solutions

Are you needing a partner who can create, setup and help manage your Ecommerce Store? We are a certified partner with multiple Ecommerce stores and have the solutions and knowledge to sell on the web. You can be assured that by partnering with Lime Pi Digital, our goals are aligned with yours, and we can make the web work for you. Call us today at 877-465-2234 to request a proposal.

Google Apps Baton Rouge

Google Apps can save your business time and money. Lime Pi Digital can help you manage and grow your business through consolidating techniques and general overhaul. Part of the process is seeing how email and web access helps you connect to employees and clients. These processes are part of the greater vision for moving forward through innovative systems.

Google Calendars and Documents can help manage meetings and set up goals for your business to grow. Lime Pi Digital offers support in troubleshooting and managing these tools, while providing consultation on how to make the market work for you. Part of the solutions for Baton Rouge is growing the local market whether it be restaurants or college influenced programs.

Examples of better plans for Google Apps:

  • Reliable Email
  • Lower Capital Expenditures
  • Email @ Your Domain
  • Spreadsheets and Presentations

Proven plans for success help to maintain a stronger working relationship with clients. Making it easier for them to communicate with you and your team makes a big difference. Lime Pi Digital can offer these solutions and more. Call us today at 1-866-599-0630.

SPF records can make a difference on Google Apps email.

I have found on several Google Apps deployment there was not an SPF record set for the Google servers. So when a person was a member of a group and copied in an email on the Google Apps system, it would kick the message back.

Adding the required SPF record to the DNS server solved these issues and no more missed communications happened.

Most users never have a problem, but when they do it is important to quickly solve the issue because email is one of the most important forms of business communication.

If you are having issues with your Google Apps contact Lime Pi Digital at 1-866-599-0630.

Google Apps Reseller New Orleans

Lime Pi Digital is an authorized Google Apps Reseller with Service and Support for New Orleans. Lime Pi Digital has started our Google Apps roll out with successful tools for business management. We can customize your web business tools under one domain. Email can be connected with your groups, calendar, online chat, documents, and sites. Lime Pi Digital can manage and help maintain and troubleshoot these services for you. We have many clients in New Orleans that are utilizing our services for complex solutions.

This process will help to simplify and organize your business meetings and functions. We have years of experience in online marketing and business management. That’s why we’re excited about this program and the opportunity to utilize these tools to help grow your business.

Some examples of Google Apps at work:

  • Visual Conference Meetings
  • Ticketed Customer Documents
  • Integrated Calendars
  • Connecting Departmentals Groups

Google Apps can really bring your different offices and partners together whether you’re in the next room over or across the globe. Connecting to your customers has never been easy with chat capabilities and shared documents. You can even work on a shared document together to find the best solutions.

As a Google Apps Reseller, Lime Pi Digital can provide support for Google Apps across the entire New Orleans area including:

  • New Orleans
  • French Quarter
  • Metairie
  • Jefferson
  • River Ridge
  • Kenner
  • West Bank
  • Mandeville
  • Covington
  • Destrehan
  • Hahnville
  • Slidell

Lime Pi Digital, LLC can help your New Orleans area business with Google Apps Deployment and support. Call us at 1-877-465-2234.

Google Apps Support New Orleans

Lime Pi Digital offers full Google Apps support to users in the New Orleans area. We can help your company collaborate, share and create documents, email and even video. Rolling out Google Apps can be a daunting task. Having a partner that can provide support and end user training is key.

Here are a few Google Apps Support service we offer in the New Orleans area.

  • Google Document Training
  • Google Apps Configuration
  • Google Apps Migration
  • Google Apps Deployment
  • Employee Help Desk
  • Apps Help Desk
  • Strategy Towards Collaboration

Cal Lime Pi Digital in to request a proposal and see how we can use the power of Google Apps to help you communicate and collaborate.

Google Apps Reseller and Support for Mississippi

Google Apps Reseller

Are you a business looking to collaborate and enhance your communication reliability?

Google Apps is most Likely for you.

Lime Pi Digital is an Authorized Google Apps SMB Reseller.

We are excited about all the feature Google Apps offers and work hard to share the amazing features it holds. Lime Pi Digital can provide an overview and Google Apps Proposal for a complete roll-out for your company.

We offer support for the entire state of Mississippi including the areas of:

  • Jackson Mississippi
  • Biloxi
  • Gulfport
  • Bay ST. Louis
  • Long Beach
  • Ocean Springs
  • Hattiesburg
  • Waveland
  • Call us to get a proposal for both Google Apps account setup and ongoing support.

Google AdWords Campaign Negatives

Google Adwords Campaign Negatives

When we are managing Google AdWords accounts it is key to determine the best way to minimize unwanted spend. Spending money on keywords and searches that are not relevant or optimal can often lead to higher spend rate and lower conversion percentages.

Campaign Negatives can help get your Google AdWords campaign on right track. Is your Google AdWords campaign going the wrong way? Add some effective campaign negatives to get your campaign back on track.

When using campaign negatives I like to look at the entire scope of the campaign. Here are a few points I often consider first for campaign negatives.


  • Geographic Area Negatives – Used to limit areas a customer does not serve inside of the market area. 
  • Poor Word Choice Negatives – Used to keep keywords that often do not help generate conversions. Words like Free or DIY are often in this group. 
  • Poor Image Negatives – Used to keep words that portray customer in bad light should be removed. For example a fish store might remove Rotten or Rancid. 
  • Similar Word Negatives – Used to remove words that have similar phrases but mean different things. For example Garage for Car Door Repair when targeting Garage Door Repair.

The above selection covers many of the best negatives that I consider for the campaign level. Use negatives to control all ad groups in the campaign. For more information on