Garage Door Repair Company Grows Using AdWords and SEO

AdWords and SEO working together can be an unbeatable pair for growing a garage door repair company. Both  require a partner with experience in Garage Door Repair Company account management.

Lime Pi Digital offers Garage Door Repair Company SEO & AdWords Management Services.

We can help get your accounts and marketing inline and improve your return on investment. Get a free proposal from Lime Pi Digital and let us show you what an experienced AdWords Certified Partner can do to improve your PPC effectiveness and drive profits up!

Lime Pi Digital can also help Garage Door Repair companies with websites, mobile sites, tracking, app integration and campaign analytics.

Mississippi AdWords Management for Local Search

Lime Pi Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. We are able to help customer take their product to a local market. Many of today’s searches begin on mobile and are for local products and services. Missing the Internet component of marketing is equivalent to missing a yellow page ad twenty years ago. Today local search is key to driving business.

Lime Pi Digital can create Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimized campaigns that will not olnly drive traffic but create real world local conversions.

Did you know that Lime Pi Digital is a Google AdWords Certified Partner?

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SEO, is it the new Snake Oil?

What are the deliverables in a search engine optimized campaign?

With SEO companies do you get what is promised?
When you buy flowers, you expect to see and feel the flowers. With an SEO or Search Engine Optimization company what can be expected?

Whenever I am shopping for a physical good, it is easy to inspect and know whether I have received the item I have decided upon. I can examine the items closely for quality, finish and validity. When I am shopping for a repair service, I often have easy ways to determine the validity of the service. But how does one know what an SEO company or search engine optimization company has done for you?

Analytics are key in SEO campaign success

One reason many SEO companies are similar to snake oil salesmen is because it is hard to determine the actual worth of the contract yo9u have delivered. Analytics is a key component to understanding the success of any campaign or SEO targeted property.

Here are a few questions to ask your SEO company:

  • What are you going to do to my web property?
  • How will you measure the campaigns effectiveness?
  • What are the deliverables and how do I view them?
  • How often will these SEO items be updated to address market issues?

Have a clear understanding of how this company will implement and track your campaign. If you need more information feel free to contact Lime Pi Digital for more guidance on how to proceed with Search Engine Optimization.