SPF records can make a difference on Google Apps email.

I have found on several Google Apps deployment there was not an SPF record set for the Google servers. So when a person was a member of a group and copied in an email on the Google Apps system, it would kick the message back.

Adding the required SPF record to the DNS server solved these issues and no more missed communications happened.

Most users never have a problem, but when they do it is important to quickly solve the issue because email is one of the most important forms of business communication.

If you are having issues with your Google Apps contact Lime Pi Digital at 1-866-599-0630.

Writing in collaboration with myself using a Google Apps Document

As you read this article know that it was completed using the process that I am going to discuss.
I’m actually collaborating with myself in the document.


To create this document I am using my Google Apps for business platform.
I created a new article on my Google Nexus 7 Tablet. As soon as this is saved, my desktop shows the article ready for editing. I open it and press the microphone button on my Nexus 7.
I’m actually speaking the document text into my tablet while editing spelling and other issues on my desktop. I find this technique allows me to fix the voice recognition errors and also provide proper spacing and heading tags as needed to write a document.

If you have never used a Google Apps document to collaborate, I would suggest you use the power Google Apps to create a document with yourself or others. It can be an eye opening experience.
Just a trick I use in my Day. Hope someone else finds this useful.