Google AdWords Campaign Negatives

Google Adwords Campaign Negatives

When we are managing Google AdWords accounts it is key to determine the best way to minimize unwanted spend. Spending money on keywords and searches that are not relevant or optimal can often lead to higher spend rate and lower conversion percentages.

Campaign Negatives can help get your Google AdWords campaign on right track. Is your Google AdWords campaign going the wrong way? Add some effective campaign negatives to get your campaign back on track.

When using campaign negatives I like to look at the entire scope of the campaign. Here are a few points I often consider first for campaign negatives.


  • Geographic Area Negatives – Used to limit areas a customer does not serve inside of the market area. 
  • Poor Word Choice Negatives – Used to keep keywords that often do not help generate conversions. Words like Free or DIY are often in this group. 
  • Poor Image Negatives – Used to keep words that portray customer in bad light should be removed. For example a fish store might remove Rotten or Rancid. 
  • Similar Word Negatives – Used to remove words that have similar phrases but mean different things. For example Garage for Car Door Repair when targeting Garage Door Repair.

The above selection covers many of the best negatives that I consider for the campaign level. Use negatives to control all ad groups in the campaign. For more information on 

Garage Door Repair Company Grows Using AdWords and SEO

AdWords and SEO working together can be an unbeatable pair for growing a garage door repair company. Both  require a partner with experience in Garage Door Repair Company account management.

Lime Pi Digital offers Garage Door Repair Company SEO & AdWords Management Services.

We can help get your accounts and marketing inline and improve your return on investment. Get a free proposal from Lime Pi Digital and let us show you what an experienced AdWords Certified Partner can do to improve your PPC effectiveness and drive profits up!

Lime Pi Digital can also help Garage Door Repair companies with websites, mobile sites, tracking, app integration and campaign analytics.

Google AdWords Help

We Are Ready To Help With Your Google AdWords

Google Adwords can be a very intimidating tool for bringing in New Customers. There are Ad Campaign settings and lots of other features available. There are also lots of other settings that can control different delivery and cost aspects of your online marketing campaign.

Lime Pi Digital uses the latest best practices when creating and managing Google AdWords Campaigns. We can help get your AdWords Campaign running like a well oiled machine.

Here are a few ways Lime Pi Digital can give you Google Adwords Help:

  • Adwords Campaign Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Budget Creation
  • Advanced AdWords Targeting
  • This list is just some of the help we can provide you with Google AdWords. Every Adwords campaign has specific settings and approaches that can help make your AdWords Campaigns cost less and produce more. Reach out to a Lime Pi Digital representative at 985-326-9321 for more information on getting Help with your Google AdWords account.

    Google AdWords Help from

Mississippi AdWords Management for Local Search

Lime Pi Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. We are able to help customer take their product to a local market. Many of today’s searches begin on mobile and are for local products and services. Missing the Internet component of marketing is equivalent to missing a yellow page ad twenty years ago. Today local search is key to driving business.

Lime Pi Digital can create Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimized campaigns that will not olnly drive traffic but create real world local conversions.

Did you know that Lime Pi Digital is a Google AdWords Certified Partner?

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Managing AdWords Accounts in Several Market Areas

Action Items for our Google AdWords Management Service

Delivering Reliable High ROI AdWords Management Services is a full service Digital Marketing firm right outside of the New Orleans area. We handle AdWords, Pay Per Click and Web Marketing accounts in market areas across the Southern United States. We work hard to meet all of our clients in cities ranging from Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Baton Rouge and Pensacola. We are Certified Google AdWords Professionals that can create and analyse campaigns.

Using the latest and greatest, we keep our customers ahead of the curve on Digital Marketing online. Pay Per Click and AdWords campaigns are always changing and constant maintenance is required. Here are a few AdWords Campaign features we roll out for our management customers:

  • Display Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Remarketing Advertising

We handle PPC management campaigns across the Southern United States and are always willing to meet with customers whenever possible.

Here are a few are we service for AdWords Management:

    • Tampa Pay Per CLick Management
    • Austin Pay Per Click Management
    • Houston PPC Management
    • Dallas AdWords Management
    • Pensacola Adwords Management
    • Jacksonville Pay Per CLick
    • Atlanta AdWords and Pay Per Click Management Services


      These are only a few of the markets we service. Call us at 985-326-9321 for more information or fill out our AdWords proposal request form.

White Label Adwords Management

White Label AdWords Management for Agencies

White Label AdWords Campaign Management for Agencies

Looking to outsource your AdWords Management to Certified Google AdWords Professionals? Lime Pi Digital is ready to act as a “White Label” service to help your agency deliver quality results from our Certified Google AdWords Professionals. We work with agencies for a large part of our business. We focus on creating measurable results using our analytic driven AdWords Management approach.

With a White Label Adwords Mangement system, we work for your agency and provide a cohesive process of getting this specialized AdWords work done for your customers. Our focus at Lime Pi Digital has always been for marketing on the digital landscape and creating real value from pay per click advertising. Our White Label AdWords Agency Management program is perfect to quickly bring these tools to your clients and deliver a team that produces high quality campaigns.

Contact Lime Pi Digital to get engaged in our Trusted Partner program. Our team will work and deliver results to your firm using our Trusted Partner guidelines.
Here are a few specialized AdWords Management Services we offer to Agencies Outsourcing their work:

  • Web Action Plans
  • AdWords Campaign Reporting
  • Display Ad Request Specifications
  • Conversion Targeting
  • ROI Analysis
  • High Conversion Landing Page Generation
  • Please let Lime Pi Digital know how we can help your Agency deliver Outsourced Google AdWords Management programs.

Outsourced AdWords Management

We can handle AdWords and Pay Per Click Management for Agencies.

We handle AdWords Campaign Management for Agencies

Looking to outsource your AdWords Management to Certified Google AdWords Professionals? Lime Pi Digital is ready to help your agency from behind the scenes. We can work to create real measurable results from our analytic driven approach. We realize we all have very specialized talents in the marketing world. Our focus at Lime Pi Digital has always been in the realm of digital marketing and pay per click advertising. Our focus with Outsourced Campaign Management is to be your behind the scenes team that produces campaigns that work for your client.

We can handle many facets of digital marketing campaigns for your customers in a behind the scenes partner setup. Our team will work and deliver results to your firm in a Trusted Partner method. Since we work do a lot of our work for agencies, we focus on a reliable clear communications and specialized structures for our customers.

Here are a few specialized AdWords Management Services we offer to Agencies Outsourcing their work:

  • Adwords Action Plans
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Deliverable Request Specifications
  • Conversion Optimization Suggestions
  • ROI Tracking
  • Analytics Audits
  • Please let Lime Pi Digital know how we can help your Agency deliver Outsourced Google AdWords Management programs.

Dealing With High Bounce Rates on Adwords Campaigns

Paying for Bounces on Adwords Campaigns

Dealing with high bounce rates on Google Adwords campaigns.

This is one of the most frustrating issues on Adwords campaigns. Sometimes there are easy solutions to the problem, while other times the problem is much more complex.

There are several easy items to look at for causing the high bounce rate on your campaign:

  • Poor Landing Page Relevance to Ad Group
  • Poor Geographic Targeting on campaign
  • Lack of Compelling Content
  • Lack of Call to Action

While these sample items have easy and tangible fixes, the deeper issues will sometimes require more work and a better understanding of the customer, traffic and web property.

High Bounce Rate pages often can use a Website Experiment

An example of another issue that could cause a high bounce rate on an eCommerce Adwords campaign is price. Reatil Price can often be a factor when seeing high bounce rates. Customers are using Adwords as a shopping engine. Clicking again and again to find better prices. This can be combated using several techniques for follow ups and keyword limitations.

One further example would be poor keyword choices and broad match keywords.

This is one example of where an Adwords Campaign Management Service can not only help you save money, but also increase your ROI and sales.