For Electricians, Analyzing the web can be a daunting task when the information is all over the place. We know how to evaluate the business and set up goals to effectively manage your web content. It’s ability to show us how to make the web work for you is unparallel. We can use simple measurements that bring us reports displaying how the web is working or not working for you. Let us set you up for success with tools and action plans that grow your wealth and make it easier to build your customer base.

Integrated with other technologies like Adwords we can use these services to show us where we need to build or slow down a particular technique. If one services is working well like SEO Management we can beef it up. If Adwords is not we can slow it down. We can page tag and even set up first cookies to track if a computer has been there and how many times. We can even use e-commerce to track sales and reports.

  • Track Reports & Conversions
  • E-Commerce Sales and Performance
  • Track Email Marketing & SEO
  • Balance Technologies for Optimal Use

At Lime Pi Digital we can utilize various tools to make your business grow and your company thrive for years to come. Give us a call today at 866-599-0630. Lime Pi Digital, LLC