Collision Repair is a very competitive market whether you’re in a big city or a small town. We can bring your search engine optimization to it’s full potential. We know how to build content that is quick and easy to find on anyone’s web browser. Keywords and converting text into real customer contact is the best way to build your business long term. Building on what we already know, that your product is superior to others, we can show the client how their vehicle will look new.

After working through inbound links and building your site to where it’s ranked high as possible, you’ll be sure to get more clicks and turnarounds from those investments than ever before. Through social media like facebook and twitter we can even build out examples of vehicles your improving and promotions you’re running for that month. With the innovations of web search and the complexity of options we can be sure to drive sales by analyzing the data received.

We have a few tactics for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Keyword Design and Management
  • Creating Organic Search Results
  • Video and Image Searches
  • Reaching Local and Regional Markets

At Lime Pi Design we can make the difference for you and your company’s point of entry into the market. We know how to cultivate the online browsing experience to get real world calls to your company. Let us take care of you today. Call us at 866-599-0630. Lime Pi Design, LLC