In the competitive market of Collision Repair you need a digital marketing campaign partner that will get your business to the forefront of people‚Äôs minds. If they have an accident or just need some repair they need to be able to search and see your ads above everyone else’s. We can manage your account so that you can get on top of the competition. Adwords can make your business display beautiful pictures and content that draws clients to your website and turns your ROI into real customer calls.

Lime Pi Digital can set up your business for success by utilizing IP Address Exclusion, Frequency Capping, Placement Targeted Advertising, and Adwords Distribution on other networks like AOL.

The goal of your company should be to show your clients the work you have done and what you can do for them:


  • Services and Innovation
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Price Point and Quality of Products
  • Easy Access and Real Solutions

Google Adwords can bring Ads that display how your company will repair a better vehicle for your clients and offer unique services to their complex needs.

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